Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Time Out is out

Assalam Alikom wa rahmat ALLAAH

Hello Everybody

Well, I lanched a second blog called Time Out. This new blog has nothing with thoughts; rather it's just a space to place a smile upon your face. Therefore, there's nothing there except posting somethings to make everyone who visit there feel happy.

Tooot: Time OutFor sure, here @ Stairway to Heaven is just my official + personal blog to publish my own thoughts, therefore you are always welcomed here.

Just make sure to read About this blog to know more about this new blog + some technical info regarding the posting there. They are very simple instructions, don't worry.

Anyway, when you feel you don't want to think about anything, simply do the following procedure:

Take a Time Out, and visit my Time Out

I wish you all best in everything
and don't miss me in your supplications

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