Friday, October 27, 2006


Assalam Alikom wa rahmat ALLAH
Peace and Blessings be upon you

Dear All,

After more than one year of blogging via BlogSpot, I'm emigrating. However, this doesn't mean I'll delete this blog.

This blog simply reflects me within an important + transitional period within my life +
I can not delete something I had made with my own hands.

I'm very thankful for everybody who'd visited my blogspot, even for few seconds
I'm very thankful for everybody who'd placed a comment,
I'm very thankful for everybody who'd send the link/url to anybody

See you @ my personal world.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Time Out is out

Assalam Alikom wa rahmat ALLAAH

Hello Everybody

Well, I lanched a second blog called Time Out. This new blog has nothing with thoughts; rather it's just a space to place a smile upon your face. Therefore, there's nothing there except posting somethings to make everyone who visit there feel happy.

Tooot: Time OutFor sure, here @ Stairway to Heaven is just my official + personal blog to publish my own thoughts, therefore you are always welcomed here.

Just make sure to read About this blog to know more about this new blog + some technical info regarding the posting there. They are very simple instructions, don't worry.

Anyway, when you feel you don't want to think about anything, simply do the following procedure:

Take a Time Out, and visit my Time Out

I wish you all best in everything
and don't miss me in your supplications

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